A bit about me - I’ve spent the last 2 years working full-time as a freelance Digital Designer; before that, I did some design work part-time while working as a policy trainer and presentation designer for Facebook and Instagram as a contractor. Having worked in both the tech industry and independently, I can work well and motivate myself with minimal direction and with ambiguity, but I also enjoy a fast-paced environment. 
I am a graduate of the Dublin Institute of Design and hold a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic & Visual Communication, complemented by a Diploma in Full Stack Software Development from the Code Institute. I have a lot of experience working with digital ads, typography, presentation design and am highly skilled in all the industry standard design software. I have a strong knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and proficient with a focus on Python and JavaScript.
I am very passionate about design and technology, constantly learning new skills to develop more innovative creative solutions. Throughout my years working in the design and tech industry, I have been an advocate for the participation of LGBT+ and Latino communities.
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