Branding design for WontonTiva Food Stall in New York City
WontonTiva was founded on National Dumpling Day 2018. They since catered bars, music venues, and breweries in New York City. 
I worked closely with the Wontontiva team to create and develop and re-branding that represent them and their food. I created a new menu, web design, logo, tent design and stickers.

Bob Lee’s ”Trust Rules” is one of Amazon’s best-selling business books.
I worked directly with Bob Lee to develop firstly the book cover and layout of the book in more than 10 languages, we then designed and developed his eCommerce website for Trust Rules, while simultaneously building a brand based around the uplifting business book. The custom-designed e-commerce site showcases and sells the book in all its international editions.

Branding and menu design for a Venezuelan Street Food Stall based in Dublin, Ireland
For this project, I worked with the Arepas Grill team to create a brand new menu and branding for their residency at Eatyard this year in Dublin.
Art direction and identity design concept for music festival.
Art direction and branding for craft beer company.
Business cards design.
Logo and brand design for coffee company.

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